Fellowship of Christian Assemblies

This “members-only” website is available for current FCA member ministers and churches. Access to the directories and other resources is available by logging in at the bottom of this page.

Introducing the Fellowship of Christian Assemblies. The FCA is a unique fellowship of ministers and churches, one that relies more on relational connections than institutional structures. Through our relationships we establish and maintain personal endorsements, ministerial credentials, plus professional and ethical accountability. Official recognition of someone’s ministry (an ordination, for example) comes through the local church but is affirmed through the FCA’s network of local churches and ministers. 

Because autonomous, local churches are central to vetting and endorsing ministers, the FCA is not a source for obtaining ministry credentials. We do, however, assist local churches in fulfilling their part in the process. We also assist in equipping and training pastors, missionaries, and ministers, so they can develop their spiritual gifts and ministry skills as well as find and nurture strong, supportive connections with others who share similar passions and ideas in following God’s call.

Our prayer is that you may develop these relationships to help you in your ministry!

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The 2023 renewal registration period for member churches, individuals, and parachurch organization  ended January 31, 2023. If you are applying for a new FCA membership or want to renew a lapsed membership, please send an email with your request to registrar@fcaministers.com for personal attention. Even though forms for 2023 are inactive, you may still be included in the online FCA directory.

Annual individual photo ID membership cards for 2023 were delivered by mail. The next opportunity to receive an updated membership card will occur at the time of 2024 registration and renewals.